Why is Steve Zimmer "Continuing the Republican Revolution"?

By Jennifer Mckay

Steve Zimmer’s campaign has spent $1790 to be included on a Republican slate mailer called “Continuing the Republican Revolution,” according to a disclosure of campaign expenditures on the LA City Ethics website. Whose party does Zimmer really belong to, and if he claims to be a Democrat, why would he want to be associated with the party of President Donald Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos?

Parents like me often have a hard time pinning Zimmer down and knowing where he truly stands on any given issue because he seems to be constantly telling people whatever it is he thinks they want to hear. I have noticed that he switches up his message depending on the audience he’s addressing.

But if he cannot even be honest about which political party’s agenda he supports, how can we trust anything he says?

Is Zimmer really willing to do whatever it takes to fool voters – even if that means handing over campaign donation money to a “pernicious and deceitful” private, for-profit company that has “a history of legal problems” with a city ethics commission?

Speak UP’s endorsed candidates Nick Melvoin and Allison Holdorff Polhill are both Democrats who strongly oppose Trump and DeVos.  

In a profile in LA School Report Monday, Zimmer said this of his opponents: “I have nothing in common with them, we don’t agree on anything.”  

Perhaps that’s because Zimmer is the only candidate who is paying to associate himself with the Republican Revolution, a movement that threatens the future of public education.

-- Jennifer Mckay is a mom of five children, the youngest in preschool and the oldest a college graduate. Her 7-year-old son attends LAUSD's Playa Del Rey elementary School, and she recently joined Speak UP as a parent organizer.