Allison Holdorff Polhill Joins Speak UP As Director of Strategic Initiatives and Outreach

Speak UP is excited to announce that Allison Holdorff Polhill has joined the organization as Director of Strategic Initiatives and Outreach and will focus primarily on efforts to help get Nick Melvoin elected in the May 16 run-off election for LAUSD Board District 4.

"I am thrilled to accept a position with Speak UP and work with parents and community members who want to improve public education in California," Holdorff Polhill said. "Working as the Director of Strategic Initiatives and Outreach, I know we can engage our parent partners around important educational issues including this upcoming school board election. I am fully committed to our students and will continue to help our Los Angeles public schools.”

Holdorff Polhill, who ran as a candidate for the board seat in the primary and served on school boards for the last 15 years at Palisades Elementary, Paul Revere Middle School and Palisades High School, is reaching out to her supporters and urging them to vote for Melvoin on May 16. She is also working to identify new Melvoin supporters in Pacific Palisades, where she had her strongest showing in the primary.

Holdorff Polhill will collaborate with Speak UP parent organizers at schools in the Palisades to identify new parent voters. And she will help lead efforts to remind parents and community members that every single vote can make or break Speak UP’s campaign to bring an innovative, kids-first agenda to the Los Angeles Unified School Board.

"Allison has always been a champion for kids, and we are thrilled to have her join Speak UP,” said Speak UP Executive Director Katie Braude. “Allison was a strong voice for change during the primary, and we know she will continue to inspire parents to get involved and advocate for a kids-first agenda." 

“Supporting Nick Melvoin is imperative so our kids, our families and our teachers have a representative who cares about them and will challenge the status quo to move LAUSD forward,” Holdorff Polhill added. “One out of four students failing to graduate is unacceptable, and Nick's focus on quality schools for all is critical to the future of Los Angeles."