LAUSD Regular Board Meeting Agenda March 19

The LAUSD Board will review and vote on LAUSD’s plan to balance its budget over the next three years. Board Members George McKenna, Scott Schmerelson and Kelly Gonez are sponsoring a resolution to create a California Wellness Trust to tackle the obesity and diabetes epidemics and to promote health equity. Board Vice President Nick Melvoin is sponsoring a resolution supporting Assembly Bill 1725 to add funds   for the After School Education and Safety Program. Board President Monica Garcia and Gonez are sponsoring a resolution to improve coordination and supports for homeless students. Garcia, Melvoin and Gonez will also sponsor a resolution to support undocumented immigrant youth. A vote on Summit Preparatory Charter renewal, which was recommended for denial, is expected to be delayed a month. The entire budget can be found here.

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LAUSD Regular Board Meeting Feb. 19

The LAUSD Board will vote on a resolution to give principals more power to choose teachers that best fit their schools and to ensure that teachers are not forced to take assignments at schools against their wishes. This resolution will end forced hiring to help improve school performance and teacher morale.

Board Member Schmerelson will also introduce a resolution directing the superintendent to create a protocol so that email and other communications from all Board Offices will be promptly acknowledged and requests for information provided in a timely manner. The resolution also directs the superintendent to immediately begin providing weekly written updates of all meetings, activities, and decisions to the Board.

The entire agenda can be found here.

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LAUSD Board Meeting Jan. 8

The LAUSD Board will vote on a plan to make it easier for parents to volunteer in schools during the strike. The plan would allow parents who had been checked against the sex offender database to volunteer during the strike without going through fingerprinting and a TB test, as long as they are supervised by school staff. The Board will also vote on a recommendation to deny the renewal of Community Preparatory Academy, a K-8 school with 338 students. The entire agenda can be found here.

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LAUSD Regular Board Meeting Dec. 11

The Board will consider two resolutions to have the superintendent create a strategic plan to increase education funding at LAUSD.  The superintendent will report on the status of the performance framework being created to evaluate schools and on the Close the Gap resolution. The Board will also consider a resolution to create affordable rental housing on LAUSD properties for district employees. Board Vice president Nick Melvoin and Richard Vladovic are introducing a resolution to end forced, non-consensual hiring at schools. That means that no teacher will be placed at school where they don’t want to work, and no school will be forced to accept a teacher the school leader doesn’t want. LAUSD is also submitting an interim budget report with a “qualified” rating and is submitting a fiscal stabilization plan to address the fact that the district is projected to run out of money by 2020-2021 at the current rate of spending.  The entire agenda can be found here

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LAUSD Regular Board Meeting Nov. 13

Board Members Kelly Gonez, Nick Melvoin and Monica Garcia are introducing a resolution to help provide housing and support for homeless students and their families using LAUSD facilities. LAUSD-owned sites could be used for safe overnight parking, and schools could be used as overnight shelters. Board Members Monica Garcia and Nick Melvoin are introducing a second resolution to help create affordable housing for LAUSD employees. 

LAUSD Superintendent Austin Beutner has also requested a resolution to waive the fee for fingerprinting parents who want to volunteer at schools.

LAUSD will also hear a presentation on student growth. Some highlights of the data: 29 percent of LAUSD elementary schools have above average math growth, and the worst math growth comes from Local District West elementary schools. The entire agenda can be found here.

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