LAUSD Board Meeting Agenda: Aug. 22

Highlights of the agenda for the Aug. 22 LAUSD Board meeting:

1. District 1 Board Member George McKenna and District 3 Board Member Scott Schmerelson have introduced a resolution stating their opposition to AB 1217, a bill that would create an innovative new state-authorized STEM high school in Los Angeles, operated in partnership with UCLA.

The school would target under-served communities in Los Angeles County. College professors and STEM professionals would work alongside high school teachers to help prepare low-income minority kids to pursue STEM careers.

·   The resolution expresses opposition to having “industry experts” teaching kids alongside traditional credentialed high school teachers.

·   McKenna and Schmerelson view this new school as competition for district enrollment, and they believe STEM instruction within LAUSD is sufficient.

·   The board members also oppose the school because it would be authorized by the state legislature and overseen by the state superintendent of public instruction instead of pursuing a traditional charter or magnet program authorized by the district, county or state boards of educations.

2. The board is considering a revised board meeting schedule that would:

·   Increase the number of meetings

·   Narrow the focus of meetings to a specific topic.

The board would essentially meet weekly, and the meeting topics would rotate between charter issues, regular business and committee of the whole (where extended discussion on issues is allowed but no action is taken).

3. Eight charter petitions are being considered. For the full list please see agenda item No. 32 on the agenda here.

Coming up Sept. 12:

Two other resolutions introduced at the Aug. 22 meeting will come up for discussion and a vote at next month’s regular business meeting:

1. District 6 Board Member Kelly Gonez is introducing a resolution to make LAUSD’s graduation rates more meaningful by tracking whether graduates are prepared for college, careers and life after they leave LAUSD schools. 

2. Board President Ref Rodriguez is introducing a resolution supporting passage of a U. S. House bill, IDEA Full Funding Act, which calls on the federal government to fully fund its promised portion of required services for kids with disabilities.