LAUSD Board Meeting Agenda: Sept. 12

Highlights of the agenda for the Sept. 12 LAUSD Board meeting:

1. Board Members Ref Rodriguez, Nick Melvoin Kelly Gonez and Monica Garcia have introduced a resolution supporting passage of a U. S. House bill called the IDEA Full Funding Act, which calls on the federal government to fully fund its promised portion of required services for kids with disabilities.  

The federal government has never funded its promised 40 percent portion of IDEA costs. In the 2017-2018 budget, LAUSD is spending $932 million from its general fund to support special education, which is 57 percent of the total program cost of $1.6 billion. The district would have received approximately $180 million additional dollars annually in recent years if the federal government had fulfilled its 40 percent federal funding commitment.

2. District 6 Board Member Kelly Gonez, District 1 Board Member George McKenna and District 7 Board member Richard Vladovic are sponsoring a resolution to make LAUSD’s graduation rates more meaningful by tracking whether graduates are prepared for college, careers and life after they leave LAUSD schools. 

The resolution asks the district to collect data on college readiness indicators for LAUSD students and also asks the district to study the feasibility of administering the PSAT to all 8th-10th grade students and the SAT to all 11th and 12th graders. LAUSD would also study the feasibility of providing a college counselor and online college and career platform for every high school student.

3. Board member Monica Garcia has introduced a resolution to support passage of a state bill, AB 621, which would create a summer bridge fund to help classified employees who have summers off and often suffer during those months without income. The median income for classified employees in the state is just over $20,000. The bill would create a partially self-funded account allowing classified employees to contribute a small portion of their paychecks that would be matched by the state.

4. Charter material revisions and renewal petitions will be considered for several Celerity, ICEF and Synergy Kinetic Academy Schools.