LAUSD Charter Board Meeting: March 6

LAUSD is recommending the denial of a new K-12 charter petition for iLEAD San Fernando Valley, which would have combined three learning centers where students currently blend in-school and online learning. 

The iLEAD schools were authorized by another school district but were forced to submit new charter petitions to LAUSD after a state court ruled that charters must be located within the district that authorizes them. LAUSD staff cited concerns about the school’s governance structure and potential conflicts of interest, as well as finances.  

If the Board accepts the staff’s recommendation to deny, iLEAD is expected to appeal the decision to the County in hopes that the more than 1000 students currently being served won’t be forced to find new schools.

Two charter renewals are also recommended for approval at Tuesday’s meeting: Accelerated Charter Elementary and Wallis Annenberg High.

Gun violence is also on the agenda. Board President Monica Garcia (BD2), Vice President Nick Melvoin (BD4) and Board member Kelly Gonez (BD6) are co-sponsoring a resolution calling on the state and federal government to enact stricter gun laws, including “banning assault weapons, universal background checks, and licensing and training gun owners.”

The Board also called on the LAUSD Superintendent to:

·    Present the Board with district policies on gun violence prevention and active shooter response

·    Work with school-based staff to support student gun violence protests while minimizing disruption to instructional time

·    Develop strategies to ensure safe schools that are prepared with best-practices for emergency scenarios, which may include additional trainings for school-site personnel for active shooter scenarios, school site drills that are age-appropriate for students, and physical school safety site assessments

·     Create a Safe Schools Task Force comprised of representatives of all stakeholder groups (including parents, students, teachers, administrators, other school-based staff, and community organizations), law enforcement experts and district personnel to meet quarterly to review and evaluate the effectiveness of District-wide safety and security plans

·   Regularly re-evaluate the District’s readiness to respond to any incident of gun violence on our campuses and annually update the Board on the District’s and schools’ safety plans and quantitative data showing how the District is verifying plan implementation