LAUSD Regular Board Meeting May 8

The Board will vote on a resolution from Board President Monica Garcia (BD2) to make voter registration guides available “at every parent center, senior high school, and adult school.” It also directs the Superintendent to have LAUSD “to distribute voter registration cards to all high school seniors and include in graduation ceremonial activities encouragement for students to complete and submit the forms to the Registrar of Voters.”

Garcia and Board members Kelly Gonez (BD6) and Nick Melvoin (BD4) also have a resolution in support of digital equity, which affirms LAUSD’s “commitment to ensuring computer science education opportunities for all students.” Garcia and Melvoin also have a resolution in support of state legislation that could increase funding for the district.

There are also two resolutions being introduced that will be voted on in June: one to increase support for LGBT students and one to close achievement gaps. The entire agenda can be read here.