LAUSD Regular Board Meeting June 12

The LAUSD Board will receive a budget presentation from CFO Scott Price with details of a proposed fiscal stabilization plan needed to help the district balance its budget in the year 2020-2021. The central district staff, which includes local superintendents offices, will be slashed 15 percent starting in 2019, and money left over in both school site and central district office budgets will “swept” from those budgets to help LAUSD. The new budget does not allow any money to be set aside to help pay for future retiree healthcare liabilities, which top $15 billion.

The governor is revising state funding so the budget numbers are expected to change slightly and will be voted on next week. The proposed budgets also factor in raises for SEIU members negotiated during its latest contract deal, which the Board votes on Tuesday. The budget assumes that other unions will receive similar raises.

Also on Tuesday’s agenda, the Board will vote on the Close The Gap resolution, which sets ambitious goals to help every student succeed and graduate eligible to attend four-year universities. The Board also votes on a resolution to help LGBTQ students, in part by increasing sensitivity training for parents, teachers and school staff.

Board Members Kelly Gonez and Nick Melvoin are also introducing resolutions that will be voted on in July to administer the PSAT and SAT to every LAUSD student for free and to create a Children's College Savings Account program to help families pay for college. The entire agenda can be found here.