State Board of Ed Approves ESSA Plan


Sept. 14

The State Board of Education approved a plan to submit to the federal government under the Every Student Succeeds Act that fails to do enough to address the achievement gap or to define an ineffective teacher based on student outcomes. To read more from LA School Report, click here.

Sept. 13

The State Board of Education will address three topics at this week’s State Board Of Education meeting, according to the Los Angeles Times.

1.  State standardized test scores. Last year’s scores have not yet been released because of a data glitch.

2.  The state’s plan to satisfy requirements of the Every Students Succeeds Act. Many groups, including Speak UP, believe the state plan is inadequate because it fails to identify and outline ways to improve the bottom 5 percent of schools. While the plan was recently amended to make sure the definition of an ineffective teacher did not include every teacher in an intern position, the definition of an "ineffective teacher" still does not include how a teacher affects student outcomes.

3.  The Local Control Funding Formula and how the state will identify and assist low-performing school districts.

To read the entire Los Angeles Times article, click here.