Speak UP’s policy agenda is driven by a platform that is an extension of our core values. We believe that a high quality education system has the following components:

  • High expectations for all children

  • Excellent teachers in every classroom

  • Quality resources in every school

  • A curriculum that prepares all children to be successful in school, career and life

To achieve this vision, Speak UP members believe that school districts and agencies must embody the following principles that create a climate for excellence.


Education policies and decisions affect millions of children and their families in California. LAUSD, the second-largest school district in the nation, has a budget of over $12 billion. District leaders must help establish a culture of trust, openness and collaboration. Budgets, policies, programs, enrollment numbers and facilities allocation decisions must be accessible, clear and transparent. When all stakeholders can understand where the money goes and how decisions are made, they can hold the decision-makers accountable for their actions.


Families and community members need to know that their voices are heard by those who make and implement the policies that directly affect their children’s education. A responsive system is one that listens, reflects, communicates and acts in the best interests of children.


State agencies and local districts must have measurable goals and timelines, and have clear lines of responsibility for implementation. All decision makers must be accountable to students, families and community members.


California is a large, diverse state, home to children with a variety of needs and cultures. The adults and stakeholders at the school are best positioned to recognize and serve the needs of their students.


A “one size fits all” formula does not serve the needs of a diverse student population. Parents want an education that is the best fit for their children, and should have the ability to make that choice -- whether it is a magnet, charter, pilot, traditional or private school.